Stamford's PLTI Alumni Association is honored to have received for the sixth year in a row a grant from the William Caspar Graustein Fund to continue Stamford's Community Conversation on Parental Involvement in your Child's Education. Entering into a partnership with Stamford Public Schools, PT Council, Domuskids Inc., ROSCCO, and fifteen other community partners, this year's topic will examine Creating Positive School Climate. On Monday, April 30,  Stamford community
members gathered at the Government Center to participate in a Hybrid Cafe Conversation model. Following a presentation on Best Practice in Creating Positive School Climate by State Dept. of Education consultant, Marta Koonz, trained facilitators led discussions around three questions gaining valuable feedback for Stamford Public Schools, and laying the framework for community organizers to create projects related to creating Positive School Culture in all schools.

On Monday, May 21, the community will gather once again to process the information gathered from the Cafe, and with that join or form passion committees. Each passion committee focuses on a specific project revolving around an identified common theme. This year's passion committees are Relationships & Communication, Bully Free and Proud, Values Enrichment, and Parent Engagement, amongst others.
Is it possible to review the results from the initial feedback? The answer is soon - we are still compiling the information. To see the results from last year's conversation on Creating School Environments that are Physically, Emotionally and Intellectually Safe, , click HERE for the 2011cafe report, or scroll down to the bottom of this page and choose the cafe report.

The 2012 Community Conversation About
Creating Positive School Climate

Creating School Environments that are Physically, Emotionally, and Intellectually Safe

Schools that consistently strive for positive climates are all about relationships, which determined how well the people within the school treat each other physically, emotionally, and intellectually

  • The School building is clean
  • The School is welcoming and physically appealing
  • Rules and Expectations are clearly defined and posted throughout the school
  • The school building and grounds are monitored and supervised
  • Student work is on display and celebrated
  • Plans for emergency and crisis are well understood by staff, students and families
  • School staff consistently evaluate the management of the physical environment and correct areas of concern
  • School staff are visible and friendly presence in the building, particularly during transitions
  • Visitors sign into the school and are identifiable with a badge

  • School staff are welcoming to all students
  • Each student is connected to at least one adult in the building for support
  • Families know who to talk with when they have a concern about their child’s education
  • Students, staff, and families feel welcomed, valued and supported at the school
  • Students trust their teachers
  • Staff trust their principal
  • The School encourages a culture of respect for difference and celebrates diversity
  • The school provides opportunities for conflict resolution and affect regulation

  • Students are encouraged to take academic risks
  • The school consistently holds high academic and behavioral standards
  • Students and teachers consistently engage in dialogue around learning
  • Teachers work with others to improve their practice
  • Students and teachers are held accountable for continuous academic progress
  • School staff help students explore interests and encourage academic exploration

We thank the William Caspar Graustein Memorial Fund for their financial support, and the Stamford PLTI Alumni Association for their leadership.
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Jun 21, 2011, 11:56 AM
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