Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI)
PLTI was created to fully engage parents who wish to improve the lifelong health, safety, and education of children. The vision of the State Commission on Children is that when the tools of democracy are developed, parents will actively advocate for their children in public policy and other civic arenas.

Led by state trained “Facilitators,” the PLTI curriculum consists of twenty weekly sessions focusing on different leadership attributes, such as honing public speaking and writing skills, using the media effectively, and understanding how the three levels of government function and coordinate with one another to delvier services.

Over the course of the 20 weeks class, participants are also treated to guest speakers, that in the past included the mayor, the school superintendent, legislators at the state and local level, as well as other public officials. Other graduation requirements include attending an all-day retreat as well as the successful completion of a community project proposal

While there is no cost to the participant, applicants must live or work in Stamford. To find out more about the PLTI curriculum, or how to apply, please click “Contact” on the left hand side to contact the site coordinator, Lucy Freeman.

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History and Organizational Structure

In 1992 , the CT Commission on Children established the parent leadership training institute. four years later, a registered nurse and the Director of Nursing Services working for the city Department of Health and Social services at the time, introduced the PLTI model to Stamford. Today, PLTI has been implemented in 15 cities and towns across Connecticut and four states nationwide.

Each PLTI site is headed locally by a site coordinator who directs all aspects of recruitment, business, development, programming, and administration. Additionally, expenses required to fund PLTI initiatives must be raised entirely by each site so the curriculum can be offered to participants for free, without regard to ability to pay.

The site coordinator is assisted by a Design Team, “Board” members recruited for their professional knowledge and abilities, as well as their passion for making a difference in the Stamford community. This group of focused and dedicated individuals volunteer a great deal of time and effort supporting the site coordinator in fulfilling all the duties and functions required to sustain PLTI’s activities.

The ethnic and socioeconomic makeup of the Design Team is highly diverse, and thus represents a microcosm of the community at large in Stamford. A number of Design Team members are city employees, while others hail from private industry and not-for-profit and religious organizations.

The entire Design Team meets on the second Friday of every month at the Stamford Government center, members serving on an adhoc committee meet as needed.

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