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Other Initiatives

Children Leadership Training Institute (CLTI)

CLTI grew out of the believe that children, like their parents, harbor a capacity to become civic leaders give the proper opportunities. CLTI’s curriculum thus mirros the adults’ and also spans twenty weeks, covering the same topics from week to week.

During the weeks that discuss how government works, for example, the children learn about executive, legislative, and judicial branches. There are guest lecturers on how to use the library, and other child friendly services in the city.

As a literacy-based initiative, all participants are also given an age appropriate book each week with which the child builds a personal library at home. Parents are asked to reread the book with their child at home, which reinforces those lessons learned during class.

The curriculum also incorporates the multiple intelligences theory; the last hour of each class consists of a music lesson. Not only do the children learn to play various percussion instruments, they also learn to play as part of a group ensemble. CLTI is open only to children whose parent is currently enrolled in PLTI.

Stamford PLTI Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is a close knit network comprised of Parent Leadership Training Institute graduates from Stamford.

Led by a hard-working executive committee, the Alumni Association has several functions. The first is to support the advocacy efforts and personal growth of graduates. For those seeking to bring their community project to fruition, the Alumni Association offers assistance by tapping into the myriad talents of fellow graduates. Each year, the Alumni Association also organizes a retreat on a topic that adds to the personal growth and development of graduates. To strengthen social ties, the Alumni Association organizes a number of events and gatherings throughout the year.

The major event on the Alumni Association's calendar is the annual Gala. The entire community is invited to celebrate PTI's history and continued success in Stamford.

Other fund raising efforts have included the Arts from the Heart craft fair, the proceed of which benefited Hurricane Katrina victims families who relocated to Stamford. Recently, the Alumni Association co-sponsored a golf outing benefiting the Joseph W. Nunn Scholarship Foundation, established by former alumni president Myrtle Nunn and her husband.

Community Conversation on Education

Four years ago, a $2,000 grant from the League of Women Voters was used to host a Community Conversation, focusing on Parental Involvement in Education. What came out of the conversation included many ideas, one of which came from the Resources Passion Committee. Stone Soup for the 21st Century happened as a result of the planning and dedication of PLTI Alumni Association and its agency partners in the community.

For the last 3 years, the Conversation has been supported through a grant from the WIlliam Caspar Graustein Foundation.
Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (Parents SEE)

The CT Commission on Children, in collaboration with the CT Center for School Change, piloted the Parents Supporting Educational Excellence (Parents SEE) initiative in Stamford.

Parents SEE is a 12 week course that focuses on education. Parents SEE is based on the notion that while parents are very interested in their children’s education, with just one PLTI class devoted to the topic, there was not enough time to address all the questions raised.

The aim of the course is to inform participants about key education policies, how they affect and shape the school system, and how to apply this knowledge to improve student learning.

In class, parents grapple with such thorny issues as why some students succeed and others do not, what makes for a good school, and how parents can partner with schools to create better academic outcome for their children.

Since the focus of the discussion is education, Parents SEE must have the support of the school system to be successful. The School Superintendent is involved in the success of the Parents SEE by attending several classes.

The curriculum is structured after the PLTI model; each class starts with dinner, followed by a three hour facilitator-led discussion on varying topics. Requirements for graduation include attending an all day retreat, and limiting absences to no more than two.

While there is no cost to the participant, applicants must live or work in Stamford. To find out more about the curriculum, or how to apply, please click “Contact” on the left to contact site coordinator Lucy Freeman.

Community Service Outcomes and Initiatives

PLTI graduates benefit the city by continuing to work on community projects and similar initiatives. Examples of their work have taken the form of family health fairs held at Hart and Northeast Schools, the first city wide High School Resource fair hosted for 8th grade students, and the Learning in a Bag program that is utilized by many agencies to serve their clients.

PLTI Alumni have been successful in securing grant funding as well. Two years ago, a $6,000 grant made it possible to offer Phyllis Noble's Aggressive Learners Workshop to 25 alumni and their children. Over 85 participated and PLTI plans to work with the Board of Education to explore and possibly implement key recommendations that emerged from the forum.

PLTI Alumni seek to make parents concerns heard when serving in a leadership capacity, such as being an elected official on the Board of Representatives or the Board of Education. The common thread for all PLTI alumni is to promote child advocacy an parental involvement in all aspects of public policy..