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American Connection

Advancing ethnic, racial, religious, and cultural understanding.
The American Connection accomplishes the above mentioned by addressing stereotypes and myths, by interacting and dialoguing with others of different backgrounds and experiences, students will be better equipped to live in a multicultural society.

The Student Ambassador Program is of a larger community project, The American Connection, designed to celebrate the contributions of many immigrant and ethnic groups to our nation and in so doing recognize the common bond that unites us all. Jack and Claire Steinberg, senior residents of Stamford, set up the American Connection as a legacy to the community with the hope that the project could be expanded state and nationwide.

What is the Student Ambassador Program
The Student Ambassador Program gives students a unique opportunity to spend the summer developing their leadership skills and reading books about the immigration experience. Structured by consultations with educators, this program has been implemented in Stamford and Bridgeport and is available to other communities as well.

Training Leaders: The sessions, involving group work, discussions, and video showings, culminate with a final project, in which students make presentations based on the lives of famous immigrants. By participating in a multitude of public speaking exercises in a welcoming environment, students gain confidence, an important quality of any leader. With their new knowledge and abilities, participants become advocates for the ideals and goals of the program.

The Value of Giving at the Student Ambassador Program
Students collectively read twelve books and make recommendations as to which should be donated to local middle schools.

Working in an office environment at the Student Ambassador Program
For many, this is the very first experience in a modern business setting. The Student Ambassador Program allows them to get accqainted before going out into the community and the world.

Being a Student Ambassador
At the completion of the sessions, students have the opportunity to develop new programs which will advance sensitivity to the difficulties of immigration (both past and present day) and educate the community and other students about the valuable immigrant contributions to American Society

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Eva Weller - Director
The American Connection
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